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I’ve had a few inquiries about Virtual Stamp Clubs. I’ve thought alot about it and decided to give them a try!
What is a Stamp Club?
A group of people who commit to making a minimum  Stampin’ Up purchase for a certain length. Each person gets one month out of the time frame to earn the hostess benefits from the catalog. The Demo (me) provides a few make and take projects each month for everyone to enjoy.
What makes it “virtual?”
Everyone in the virtual club will be long distance. This means that I will mail your projects with any needed instructions to assemble them, with your purchased items. This also means, on top of the amount you pay for your order, I will add on a shipping charge to mail it all out to you.
So, what are the details?
1. 6 month commitment, your order is due to me by the 10th of each month.
2. $25 minimum monthly commitment (pre tax/shipping)+ shipping cost from my house with your projects. I will start at $7 and see if we can go down/need to go up.
3. I will send you a free catalog as well as any current special catalogs.
4. Credit card on file with me to take care of each month’s order
5. I will provide supplies and instructions each month for 1 card, 1 3D and 1 other optional item (may be another card, may be a scrapbook page, may be a candy item, etc.)
6. I will assign “hostess months” and on your month, you get to spend the hostess benefits! If you bring outside orders from local friends, your benefits will be bumped up!
When will it start?
As soon as I have 6 commitments! I’d like to start in August!
How do I sign up?
Email me and let me know your ready to join! I will send you your catalogs as soon as I get your commitment!
How long will it take to get my order?
I place the orders before or on the 11th. It takes about a week to get to me. I will repack them with your project supplies and  send them to you the next day!
Can I use the Stamper’s Round Up Card?
Yep! On pre tax and shipping totals.
For every $30 you spend, you get one punch. When you reach 10 punches, I give you $30 to spend!
Can I join and have the products shipped directly to me from SU?
Well, in order for it to make a “party” total and for someone to get hostess benefits, each order has to be placed together as a group by me. If your interested in committing to 6 months with out getting the Hostess Benefits, I will commit to sending you the projects each month for free. Just know that this excludes you from Hostess Benefits. But you can still earn punches on your Round Up Card.
I’m local, do I still have to pay the extra shipping fee?
Nope! I am happy to hook up with you each month to give you your goodies!
Let me know if you have any other questions!
Email me soon, this club will fill up FAST!
And, in case you’ve forgotten:
Product Shares can bee seen HERE.
All my classes can be seen HERE.
Stamper’s Round Up Card details can be seen HERE.
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