Ja Ja Ja… (HSS169)

Good morning! I’m back today with a great sketch from Hand Stamped Sentiments!
I had fun with this sketch. I created a custom stamp for a very special friend of mine…
Ja Ja (apparently) means ha ha in spanish. My bestie Erin and I live in San Antonio where a large part of the population speaks spanish. But, we don’t… So, we like to think ourselves bilingual sometimes and… nah, who am I kidding, we can’t speak a lick of Spanish! But, we do like to say and write ja jajajajaja.. It’s one of our silly “inside” joke. So, I made a stamp with the Undefined Stamp Kit that say’s Ja and I stamped it on the inside and the outside of this card. And of course, the “I freaking” love you comes from the Yippie Skippie set.
Erin has been a great friend to me over the last couple of years and I wanted to make her a card to let her know how much I appreciated her. Sadly, I made this card over a month ago and JUST  put it in the mail yesterday… Sigh… And, a little bit of trivia, Erin and I both live in San Antonio, BUT we actually met at the SU Convention in Salt Lake City a few years ago. Crazy right? I love SU so much for the reason alone!!
OK, enough of my babbling… Hop over to HSS and see what my other friends have created! Don’t forget, you have two weeks to make your own card! Can’t wait to see what you come up with!
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  1. Your blog title made me smile! My friends & I always say jaja! What a great saying to make a custom stamp! Great card! Do you guys ever go to the Fiestas in San Antonio! Always wanted to go.

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