I’ve got a Scrappin’ Hangover!

I spent this weekend at Rockin R Scrapbook Retreat with some old girlsfriends. We had sooooo much fun! I got 31 pages done! I went to bed at 8:30 last night and slept 12 hours!! We stayed up very late and scrapped all day. We ate very good food and laughed so hard we had tears rolling down our cheeks at several points! Its one of the most fun things I have done in years!

This is Katie and Stacie. I have known both of them since high school! We had 8 foot tables, which is a ton of space! We also had very comfy rolling chairs.

This was my space on Sunday morning. Its amazing how quickly that bug space closed in with all my junk!

This is Kellie. She is Katie’s sister and we have known each other for maybe 10-12 years… (She was younger, so we were not in HS at the same time!) She sat right across from me and introduced me to the Xyron. Why don’t I have one of these???? Its now on the top of my list!

This is where I spent a lot of time; the Cricut Station. She had 100 cartridges! You can not imagine how addicting it became and how overwhleming that many images can be! But, now my Cricut wish list is a MILE long!

This is the view of our area. We were in the corner, which was kind of nice, except that it was on the opposite side of the tool area.

This is the crop room. It was previously a very big barn that housed big farm equipment. The owner had it finished in and it was a fantastic space!

Here we are right before we left. I was sick to my stomach becuae I really didn’t want to leave!! I misse dmy girls, but it was kind of like living in a bubble away from all the demands of everyday life. And it was so nice to have someone else cook and clean for you. Wow!!!

So, I ended up with 31 completed pages. I felt very good about getting so much done! With all my Stampin’ Up stuff lately, my scrapbooks had taken a back seat. I won’t post them all today, so check back all week to see them.

The title is hard to see. It says “Lovely” in orange on the bottom right. The title and bird are both from the Songbirds Cricut Cart.

I lov eit when I can do two pages out of the same paper! These are for two different books, so it didn’t matter that they were the same!

The butterflys are SU’s All A Flutter stamp. They are perfect for this page!

These flags are so popular lately! I added some bows and buttons to them.

I love this one! My dauhter’s Kinder Program (Town Meeting) performance was She’ll Be Comming Around the Mountain. I got so exceited when I saw this on the Wild West Cartidge! Its so perfect!

Pumpkin Patch Field Trip, always a fun one to scrap! Pumpkins are from “Speaking of Fall” Cart.

Thanks for stopping by! Come back tomorow for some more fun pages! I’m all unpacked now, so maybe a new card too!

3 thoughts on “I’ve got a Scrappin’ Hangover!”

  1. Wow and wow! All the pages are awesome. And there is nothing like a girlfriend getaway to clean out the cobwebs in the brain. Those tears from laughing are very cleansing. Did a lot of that myself on my drive back to Memphis.

  2. I found your blog through a friend and I am loving all the inspiration. Just wondering what are those easel like things at each workstation? I think I might really like that!

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