It’s Wild and Zoo Babies

Good morning everyone! Man, let me tell ya, I have been feeling overwhelmed and antsy lately. I feel like I have so much to do, but can’t get anything completed! I seem to piddle and just get parts of things done. Ever feel like that? The kids are home and I feel so torn when I come to my office to work. I feel very guilty that they are playing too much on their devices, that they’re bored, that they are being lazy… So, I leave my office with out really completing much. I’ve made lots of silly mistakes with shipping and orders and I just feel very scattered! I apologize to all of yo. I hope you understand my disorganization lately…
So, yesterday, I cleared off my desk and just played for a while. I needed to relax, not work! It was wonderful! It really made me feel better and when I left my office, it was with a clear mind.
And here is one of the things I made. Just for fun! I really need to do that more often!
Let me tell you, I am so in love with the It’s Wild background stamp. I’ve been calling it the Zebra Background stamp, that’s wrong.. oops! See, silly mistakes! Anyhow, I have used it in every color possible I think! I. Love. It!! I paired it this time with the Zoo Babies lion and a sentiment from Happy Happenings. Fun and bright, right? 
I used this sketch from Retro Sketches. A good sketch is a great way to get your juices flowing! 
One thing that I was able to complete last week was this class called Back To School Teacher Gifts. It also was part of my problem… I couldn’t really focus on what I NEEDED to do because these ideas were clawing to get out of my brain! My littles went to camp for a few hours yesterday and I made a quick video for you to see. 
And here are the details: 
Back To School Teacher Treats Class and Class To Go
Includes Writing Notes Background Clear Mount Stamp and All Boxed Up Clear Mount Stamp set as well as supplies and directions to create six 3D projects. 
Local Class- $45
 Tuesday, August 11, 6-8:30 PM
Class To Go- $45 plus $6 shipping if long distance
will ship August 12th
* If you have more than one teacher and need more than one set of 
consumable supplies, you can add on additional sets for $12.*
Deadline to RSVP or order your to go kit: August 4th
Class Planner PDF available for $15
You’re So Sweet Class To Go
$35 plus $6 shipping
Class fee includes your own You’re So Sweet stamp set,
 materials to make all five projects and a step by step PDF. 
All classes kits will ship no later than July 28 st
Email me to reserve your Class To Go Kit
Check out my class calendar here! 

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