I’m a Queen!!!!!!!!!!

I’m having a really great week! I just found out I was chosen as this week’s “Color Queen” at Colour Q. Remember this card? Yea, the one I didn’t really like? Well the sweet ladies over there liked it enough to crown me this honor! Thanks so much ladies! I am honored!

And, on top of THAT, I received another award from Carrie Gaskin. Its called the Sunshine Award and you give it to blogs you get inspiration from. No way does Carrie get inspiration from me! Its totaly the other way around!!! Thanks so much Carrie!

So now I have to pass it on.. And I will… I just need to make a list from the 100s of ladies that inspire me….. But first I have to cook dinner, bath the little ladies, do homework, read bedtime storeis, etc, etc, etc….

Be back later to post today’s card!

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