I’m Back!

It’s been a while! Its a super buy time of the year for me, but school is finally winding down. that means I can be a full time scrapper for a while! Yay!

Here is one I did last week. It was a scraplift of a friend on ASP. I just love that felt monkey. I made him look more like a her by slapping on a little “bow.”

This is a “Time Swap” I hosted. Aren’t these fabulous! Don’t I have such awesome scrap buddies on line??

This too was a scraplift. I detest this picture of me (post baby) but had to scrap it because, well, I paid for it and I don’t want it in a frame! LOL!

Look at THIS mess! these are my pages waiting to be put in my scrapbooks. UGH!!! I hate doing that!!! Why? Because I don’t want to spend my scrap money on page protectors and I’m lazy. So, about every 3 months, I sit on the floor and file away for like two hours. It looks like its time again. How many do you think that is???

And lastly, this is a page that was on DI this week. The title refers to the little baby tub that has been used for all three of my babies. Its finally been retired for good. Makes me so sad…

Be back in a few days. I have a contest winner to announce and will be participating in a blog hop again! Happy Memorial Day Y’all!

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  1. Is that Addie in the tub. She looks just like her Daddy. I’m glad that dark hair is gone!

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