How to paint a typewriter!

Hey everybody! I’ve got a noon stamping project to share with you today. If you follow me on Facebook or Instagram, then you have seen me talk about this beauty I bought off our local Facebook Garage Sale site. I’ve been wanting an old typewriter to use in my photos for a while and just haven’t found one I was willing to fork over the money for. This one was CHEAP. So, I jumped on it! 

I knew I wanted to paint it pink, but I couldn’t decide which pink. Thanks to my Facebook friends, I decided to go with the lighter pink.

 This old typewriter still works. My girls LOVE it! My 7 year old even typed her grandmother a letter!

So the first thing I did was research the internet. I decided the best way to approach this was to take the outside metal parts off. Scary, yes. Stinky and yucky, yes. Doable, yes. Difficult, nope! I just had to make sure I kept all the little (tiny!) screws in a safe place.

So, of course the day I started this is was POURING down rain all day. So, I set up a place in the garage. I spent several days spraying, waiting for it to dry, spraying, sanding bumps, spring and waiting. I did put a clear coat on it, but found it bubbled every time! So, the finally coat was just spray paint. I had to sand it down every time I put the clear coat on it. Not sure why that didn’t work . 

So I put it back together and it really wasn’t that hard. It was kind of like a game of Tetrus. I kept having to unscrew to put a layer under one layer I had already screwed in, but it went back together fairly smoothly. I found I had not spent enough time on the edges of the pieces. So, I decided to tape it off to touch up a few places. I also found that Glad Press n’ Seal was PERFECT!!! It real sealed in those places I didn’t want the paint.

Here is a look at what I used along the way. Washi tape was good for taping off some of the intricate places. And yes, I had a couple of left over pieces.. LOL! That’s ok, it works so I’m not going to worry about it. And, the little name on the front broke when I took it off. I could probably glue it back on, but I am going to leave it off for now. 

And here it is all pretty in pink. 

And in it’s first photo shoot!

Let me know if you decide to paint your own typewriter. I’d be happy to answer any questions you might have (although I am NO expert!!)

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6 thoughts on “How to paint a typewriter!”

  1. what website did you find the info on how to take it apart? I have the EXACT typewriter and it needs a paint job as well! 🙂 Thanks!!

  2. what website did you find the info on how to take it apart? I have the EXACT typewriter and it needs a paint job as well! 🙂 Thanks!!

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