Holiday Retreat- The Prep Work!

Hey everybody! I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving (to all of my American friends) and a relaxing weekend! Today, I am going to start sharing all of my Holiday Retreat photos. I’m not going to lie, this retreat did me in. I was EXHAUSTED this time. It took me all of last week to recover. I sent out 65 To Go kits and hosted 35 ladies local. So, thats a grand total of 100 participants. That’s 700 make and takes, 300 pillow gifts and dozens and dozens of different add on classes. It was pretty Epic and I am so grateful for everyone who participated! 

Luckily, I had some AMAZING helpers, The week before, my assistant Denise and my Mom came over to help me sort and pack. 

The only problem with that is we like to talk!! This caused for more than one mistake, but at least we  had fun! 

Look how cute my bags were! I ordered them from Promotique.
We also had to assemble and pack the cookie boxes. My downline Antoinette did an amazing job designing these beauties!

I got my cookies again from Lovin’ From The Oven. She’s a local cookie baker here in the Helotes area and she always designs cookies to go along with my theme. 

My mom whipped up 100 servings of Crack Corn and we packed them in these gorgeous Sweet Treat Cups designed by my downline Anne Marie. Unfortunately, this is the best picture I got of them!! And believe me, this photo doesn’t do it justice! 

 Here’s a photo where you can see the sides with the DSP. 

Friday night, we headed over to the hotel to set up. This is my favorite part! 

 Here is what the tables looked like. Everyone got their own table to spread out and work on. That little sprite holder was made by my assistant- so cute! I’ll share that later this week. We got the idea from Amy Storrie who made something similar for her retreat. Unfortunately, I couldn’t mail sodas. Could you imagine!! So, these were just for the local retreat.

 So, prepping for a huge event is exhausting but oh so much fun! I have LOTS more photos to show you, but I’m going to make you wait until tomorrow to see them! Hope you’ll come back and join me! 

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