Holiday Retreat- The Big Day!

Hey everybody and welcome back! Hopefully, you saw my post on Monday showing all the prep work that went into this year’s Holiday Retreat. Today, I’ll show you some photos of the actual retreat! Boy am I glad when this day finally arrives!  

Here is the LONG room ready for all the stampers to come and create. 

And then here is the room once everyone has arrived! Doesn’t it look like a fun place to be! 

From the other end of the room. This room was great. It was super long and held LOTS of tables. 

There were lots of stations set up around the perimeter of the room. Here is one of the displays. Lot son Christmas things to look at! 

This is the Raffle Table. Raffle tickets were sold and then put into the prizes they wanted to win. i love calling this numbers at the end of the retreat and sending happy people home with new product! 

This was one of the sale tables. I had adhesive, kits, and  Paper Pumpkin for sale.

 This is the stamping station for the retreat projects. There were seven projects in all for just the retreat. 

There were also stations set up for the add on classes. here was the table for the Cup of Christmas class. 

And then there are the tool stations! I bring all my tools, stamps, inks and paper trimmers for everyone to use. 

And then of course there is the snack station! Everyone brings a snack to share and earns five extra door prize tickets as a thank you! We always have WAY too much junk food. But it’s everyone’s favorite stop for sure! 

And last, here are just a couple of fun pictures. I was so busy (and tired) to remember to take photos though out the day. These lovely ladies are my downline! What a fun job I have to get to spend my “work” time with my friends! 

We even had downline come from Houston and NYC! I was especially excited to spend the weekend with them! 

Thanks for stopping by today! 

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