Hilton Head and MDS

Today is a hodgepodge of things… I decided to put it all in one post, so here we go!
While I was at the Stampin’ Up Hilton Head incentive trip, I spent lots of my down time (and travel time) creating on My Digital Studio!
 This is a funny little layout that I was actually inspired to make while shopping in Hilton Head.  I love the new frame download and decided to create it for this week’s MDS challenge! If you’d like to give MDS a spin, click HERE and download it for free for 30 days!
Here are a few more pictures from our wonderful weekend! This picture was taken after a full day of travel. I have no idea whats happening to my hair!! LOL!

This was part of the garden outside of our room.

Of course my hubby had to immediately check out the fish in the pond. Anybody elses hubby like this?? Uhg! It drives me crazy! LOL!

The beach was so different from the Texas beaches we usually go to. Completely clear of anything, hardly even any shells! It was beautiful! The sand was powdery and the water was calm. I was shocked by how little wind there was.

Backing up a little, hubby and I spent some time in Savannah the first day. When we were first married, we spent our first year there. He was stationed in Ft. Stewart, so it was nice to walk down memory lane. One of our favorite places is River St.

The Savannah Candy Company is AMAZING. These pralines were so yummy! Hubby broke down and bought himself two!!

These ladies were weaving baskets- beautiful! I know they have an official name, I just can’t remember it…

The thing that makes Savannah so beautiful is the moss that hangs down from the trees. So breathtaking!

I saw this bike and just had to snap this picture. Lovely!

And look at this!! Love this porch!!

We traveled over the big bridge to get to Hilton Head. I hate this bridge! I’m not fond of heights!

And this is the beautiful fountain outside the Westin. The hotel was lovely and so accommodating. It was so nice to relax and forget about it all for a while.. This was a great place for it!

 Stay tuned tomorrow, I’ll show you some more photos! I have felt rested and relaxed this week so it was so awesome to earn this trip! I still can’t believe we were there just two days ago…
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2 thoughts on “Hilton Head and MDS”

  1. Thank You for sharing your lovely photos.
    Understand what you're saying about going over that bridge. I think my hubby would have to knock me out first before I would even think about going / driving over that thing. No way, no how.

  2. Congratulations on achieving the Hilton Head trip and thanks for sharing your great pictures. How fun you got to spend some time in Savannah. We went for the first time 3 years ago and I love it. I believe the baskets are woven from sweetgrass. I have a small one on the table next to my bed. I think the frame download was made for you!

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