Got Ribbon?? Need RIbbon??

If you are a regular visitor to my blog, you know I love ribbon! Especially the Striped Grossgrain Ribbon! Yummy! But, to buy all the delicious ribbon Stampin’ Up offers, you would have to live on Beanie Weenies for quiet a while! So, to help all my lovely ribbon lovers out, I am offering a Ribbon Share! The following ribbons are being offered:

My favorite: 1 1/4″ Striped Grossgrain Ribbon in 11 beautiful colors.

Price: $12 What you get: 11 yards of ribbon, 1 yard of each color.

1/2″ Stitched Poly Ribbon in the 5 fun In Colors

Cost:$7 What you get: 10 yards (2 yards per color)

3/8″ Taffeta Ribbon in 13 colors

Cost: $10 What you get: 13 yards (1 yard of each color)

Shipping will be $3 if you are not local.

**If you get all three ribbon shares, I will throw in 2 yards if the 1/8″ Taffeta Ribbon for FREE!**
Shares will be ordered as soon as they fill. I will cut, pack and ship them as soon as I receive them!
You can pay me by Pay Pal or snail mail.
Please email me at if you would like to mail me cash or check.
You can send me payment to the same address via Pay Pal. Please, indicate what you are ordering and don’t forget to add shipping. or email me and I can bill you.
Thanks so much!

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