Founder’s Circle Day 2

Oh my gosh y’all! I haven’t blogged since Thursday! I had every intention to blog every day while I was at Founder’s Circle, but it just didn’t happen! Founder’s Circle is NON stop and I was exhausted each evening! So, I am going to make it up to you today. I have LOTS of pictures to share form day 2 in St. George!
So Thursday was a free day. Some of us rented a van a drove up to Zion National Park to hike. I snapped a picture of the Love Locks as I went into the park. Not sure what it’s all about here, but super cute! 
I can’t describe how much the sights of Zion National Park moved me. It was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen. Ted and I have already decided that it will be our next family vacation. I took a ton of pictures, but I don’t want to bore you and  will just show you the highlights. 

 Sadly, the pictures can’t do the vivid colors justice. It’s just so bright and bold against the blue sky!

This is my friend Kay Cogbill. She had done Zion last summer with her family and so she was going to show me the ropes. She wanted to take me on an extreme trail, but luckily I talked her out of it!! LOL!! We did an easy trail it kicked our butts! 

You can’t really see the little squirrel at the top of the rock there, but he was making the most bizarre sounds! Like a bird! 

It had flooded a couple of days before so the streams were very muddy and brown. 

I’m standing under a waterfall getting soaked! You can’t even see the water in the picture!! Grrr! 

When we got back, we went over to the Gathering Place to see what was happening! We found a cute little display of our new stamp set (It will come out in the Occasions Catalog in January!)

And then there was this!!! Wow! I was so impressed! And it was the perfect snack after a long hot hike!!

So many different meats, cheeses and crackers. My favorite was the Lemon Lavender Cheddar!

But check this out!! This is a honey comb! You kind of knifed off a section and put it on your plate. It was SO GOOD!!!! My mouth is watering as I type this!!!

So after a shower and a tiny nap, it was time for our Founder’s Circle Swap! It was a Pajama Party theme. Here are my swaps and my slippers. 

It was a really fun atmosphere, Everybody was relaxed and laughing and having a good time. This is me with Ronda Wade, Angela McKay and Angie Juda.  We had run out to dinner and laughed and laughed  so we were feeling quite silly by the time the party started!

 We received a fun little goodie after the Business Share part of the night. A SU bag and a really neat booklet with a business tip from all 110 attendees!

Here is Angela with the bag. It was to help us handle all those swap cards!

It took quite a while for all 110 swaps to go around. It was SO FUN and a great way to get to speak to everyone. It was like down up trick or treating!

Afterards, we went back to the Gathering Place and enjoyed some yummy treats!

We hung out, ate too much junk and looked at our swaps.

I had to grab a picture with my favorite stamper Becky Roberts! She’s been my favorite stamper since I began! It was so fun to chat with her and laugh about how we both like each other’s stamping! How flattering to know the person you admire feels the same about you. What a heart warming experience!!

I was so tired and couldn’t wait to get in bed! When I got back to my room, my Pillow Gift was waiting! 

When I opened it, I found this fun little zipper bag…

Which was filled with these!!! Beautiful Make Up Brushes!! Can you say SPOILED!?!?!

Here is a quick shot of my swaps. I’ll show you more pictures of those later!

Thanks for being patient with me! It’s hard to recover from the best trip ever!!!
I’ll be back tomorrow!

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