For Sale!

I’ve been cleaning and have lots of things for sale!

Let’s Party- $5
Voila- $12

Alphabet Soup- $5

Tree Sampler- $12

Soft Swirls- $8

Big Blossom- $7

Itty Bitty Backgrounds- $7

Sprinkles- $7

Perfect Chemistry-$11

Wheels, from left to right
Stampin Around- $4
Rought texture- $4
I {Love} Love-$4
Everyday Blossoms- $4
Please email me if you are interested in any. All are from a smoke free home and all have been gently used. The wheels need a wheel handle to be used correctly. I will quote you shipping if your interested. Thanks!

4 thoughts on “For Sale!”

  1. I wanted to tell you that i have that big blossom, and would love to share a project i made with it!

    I purchased 9 of the large 18×20 canvases (the flat kind, not the ones that are an inch thick with no backing). Arranged in a 3×3 grid, I started with two shades of red at the top and stamped the blossoms loosely (had tons of space around each one), then moved onto Gray, then black. As i got closer to the black blossoms, the quantity of the blossoms i stamped grew, so the black blossoms have tons of overlap, etc, etc.

    Hope you like it, and i hope this inspires someone to buy that stamp off of you!

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