Fall Craft Fairs

Hello everyone! I had two craft fairs this weekend and I am finally feeling a bit recovered. 
LOL! They are so much work! 
I took lots of pictures and will post them all here for you to see. I use lots of chalk boards and fun display boxes from Hobby Lobby and Home Goods. My table clothes are just fabric straight from the bolt at Hobby Lobby. 
I use old shutters to display some of my cards. 
This shelf is from Hobby Lobby. 
The chalk board was bought at a craft sale years ago.

 These are test tubes filled with skittles. These are the test tubes I use.

Gum balls in our 2 X 8 Cello Bags with bag toppers created with cardstock and Halloween Cookie Cutter set. 

You can find the tutorial for these rice krispys holders here

 At the top, you can see the small treat pockets (Tutorial here) and at the bottom are candy corn lollipops that I never actually got a picture of! The envelopes were created just like these.

 Totally Trees Gable Box

Eyeball Gum Balls in 2X8 Cello Bags. No tutorial on these yet. 

Simple tag on some AMAZING Pumpkin Spice Covered Almonds 

Jars- details coming on these later in the week. 

 Halloween Hand Sanitizers, which I also didn’t get a good photo of- Whah!! But, holders are exactly like these.

Spooky Bone Pens– these were a BIG hit! 

 Doggy Treats- also a huge hit!

Super cute push pencils found at Target. 

Regular Halloween pencils also from Target.

 The always popular monster boxes. Tutorial coming later this week.

 Whew!! I am so exhausted! LOL! I can only handle doing a couple of these a year because they really are overwhelming. I LOVE creating and selling cute things, but I just don’t have the stamina to do them all the time!
Thanks for stopping by today!

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6 thoughts on “Fall Craft Fairs”

  1. Erica, you are simply one of the MOST AMAZING demonstrators I know… I'm speechless looking at these photos!!!!!!!! You GO GIRL!!!!

  2. Totally AMAZING display! The work you put into this is mind-boggling. You're my hero! Thanks for sharing…I sure hope it paid off REALLY well!

  3. WOW!! It might take me all year to prepare for this one event like you did. Not only all of the cute and awesome things you created for the show but also all of the gorgeous setup. You are totally amazing, Erica!

  4. Your display is AWESOME!! Wish I lived near and could have gone. Really enjoyed your showing us all your fabulous items. Thanks.

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