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This year, while at convention, I am staying with three other Hand Stamped Sentiments Designers. We rented a house and I am so excited!! So, I wanted to make them each something spacial. I decided to make them each a lanyard using Stampin’ Ups Essentials Designer Fabric.

 I also added a flower to each one.

 These were simple and a lot of fun tom make!

 The flower was made with the Flower Folds Die and the Big Shot. And some Hot Glue! 😉

So, I wanted to do a tutorial to show you how fun these are to make!!
I am a very basic skills sewer, and I don’t always do things right. My sewing usually leaves something to be desired! These were very easy and got easier after each one! They truly can be made in about 20 minutes! Please forgive my 1. incorrect sewing terms, 2. my nasty broken nail, 3. my thrown together specifics!!
Materials: Two strips of fabric, about 4″ X 18″, this is adjustable, and another strip of the same fabric 4″ X 6″, a “Lobster Claw”,that’s not what it’s really called, but it was in the sewing notions department at my local craft store with the belt buckle and Velcro! (HERE is a link to the exact one I used), sewing machine, iron
1. Cut two pieces of fabric that are 4″ wide and… Well, I just cut the length of a fat quarter and then trimmed it once it was sewed the desired length. So, I would guess about 4″ X 18″.

 2. Lay the pieces as shown above. Front sides together. Your going to sew a line from corner to corner. See the picture below.

 3. Once you have sewn that line across, trim off that corner.

 4. Pull the pieces so that you have one long piece now. Iron the seam open.

 This is what the other side looks like. As you can see, it doesn’t have to be perfect. My pieces weren’t even the exact same width apparently! It won’t matter! But, you want this nice pretty seam to hide where you joined the two pieces of fabric.

 5. Next, fold the entire piece in half lengthwise. Iron it all the way down.

 6. Open it back up so that the back part of the fabric is looking at you. Take each side and fold it into the middle. Again, iron it all the way down.

 7. Take your piece of Fusible Fleece and trim it a shade narrower that one of the sections, so about 37/8″. Again. I free handed this. It was not straight nor anywhere perfect, but it didn’t matter either! Don’t you love the way I sew! This is why I could NEVER make clothing! Ha! Tuck the fleece into the fabric and fold it back over.

 8. Now, fold the whole thing in half again. So, at this point, it’s about 1″ wide.

 9. Take your piece that is ^’ long and do the same thing to as you did the long piece. Fold in half, iron. Open, fold the sides in, iron. No fleece. Now, to hide the raw edges, fold the two ends in a “tad.” Maybe like 1/2″ and iron. Take both pieces to the sewing machine!

 10. I set my stitch on “2”. Yea, I have no idea what that means other than the stitch is bigger and if I have to rip it out because I make a mistake, it’s a little easier! 😉 Your going to sew down the entire length of the long piece, turn, sew the short side, turn, sew the next long side, turn again and sew the other short side. At this pint, you’ve sewn a long skinny rectangle.

 See how I sewed the other side and now I am coming back down the other side.

 OK, here is where it gets a tad tricky. I had to put the piece around my neck every time in order to see the correct way to sew it. So, I recommend you do the same!

11. Place that seam you sewed that joined the two pieces at your neck. The other pieces should hang equally down your chest. This is where I would snip it if you felt like it’s too long. Yes, you’ve already sewn those ends, but it really doesn’t matter. Look at your lanyard and imagine how you want it to lay. I wanted the right side to lay flatly over the left side. So, this is how it should look.

 12. Take your Lobster Claw and slide it up the front piece.

 13. Now, play around with it a little and imagine how it will lay. Mine looped around like this, right side under the left side. Notice, it’s still on my neck. Slide that Lobster Claw up and keep those pieces pinched together, take it off your neck and take it to the sewing machine. Don’t let go!

 Another view, just in case your confuse by my less than clear directions!

 14. Sew across the two pieces a could times to make a secure stitch.

 15. Ok, here is what you have. Slide the Lobster Claw down so that this rough seam is up about an inch away.

 16. Take your little piece and lay it over the FRONT of your lanyard like this.

 17. Fold it over to match the “triangle” shape you have when you again hold your lanyard how you want it to lay on your chest. Remember, imagine what it will look like like, then go from there.

 You can see how I have the folded over edges folded over in the back.

18. Lay it in your machine and sew a big square and an X on the front.
If you make these, I’d love to see them! 🙂
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  1. AWESOMESAUCE! I'm making a few off these this afternoon, for sure. Thanks for the tute!

  2. This is too cool. I'm not a sewer either although with all the fabric specials SU has put out this summer I think I should get into it. Very creative! TFS.

  3. This is too cool! I LOVE this idea, and may have to case it for a few hostesses…who knows, maybe christmas gifts, it's an awesome idea!!

  4. No disclaimer needed you did a wonderful job and you also are a great teacher. Thank you for this tutorial.

  5. No disclaimer needed you did a wonderful job and you also are a great teacher. Thank you for this tutorial.

  6. Very informative post about FABRIC LANYARDS! With the help of this tutorial and lot of information here that can help any business get started with a successful social networking campaign.

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