Everything Is Rosy Tutorial PDF

Hello everyone! I’ve received my Everything Is Rosy Product Medley and have designed lots of amazing projects with it. It really does make designing things VERY easy!! 

As promised, I now also have a tutorial PDF! It will be sent for FREE to anyone who has orders the Everything Is Rosy Medley from me in May. Would you like to see a sneak peek?

Here is one of the 3D projects in the PDF. It’s a cookie holder. So fun and yummy! The PDF includes three card tutorials and three 3D tutorials. If you have ordered the Everything Is Rosy Medley from me already, check you inbox today! Your free PDF is be mailed out! 

Here is a snapshot of all six projects. Remember, the Everything is Rosey Product Medley is a limited time only purchase. It is only available in May and while supplies last! Once you purchase it from my store, I will send you the PDF within a day or two. You will also receive the May 2019 All Star Tutorial Bundle for free too! 

If you have already purchased yours from someone else, you can still get the PDF for $15. 

And, in case you didn’t hear last week, I will be out of town beginning on Thursday. So, that means Facebook Friday will actually be on Wednesday this week! Make sure to set a reminder and join me tomorrow, May 8th at 2:00 CST at Pink Buckaroo Stampers Group! 
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Deadline: May 17

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