Easy No Sew Fabric Project

I was inspired at SU Regionals to purchase some of Stampin’ Ups new fabric. There are so many possibilities for this fabric! I searched the web for some easy new sew projects and found a few things I liked. I didn’t want to use this fabric for a Christmas project, but rather something everyday. The colors on the Candy Can fabric are so my girls, and I decided to make them some hair pieces.

My mom is in town this weekend, so we sat down and just started playing. The fabric comes with a great instruction packet that gives a few project ideas. This flower is super simple to make and the directions come with the fabric. I wrapped a few shreds of fabric around an old headband and hot glued the flower. So super simple!

Emma loves her new headband!

Next, I used a fat headband and covered it with the striped fabric.

We found a great tutorial HERE to make these simple twisted rosettes. Hot glue and a few buttons, and voila!

Next, this one came from a mistake. I was trying to make the flower on the first headband, but I used to much glue. So, it wouldn’t fluff up. I stuck a button in the middle, added a little Victorian lace and made it a clip! Cute!

So, give it a try! Stampin’ Up offers two different sets of fabrics. The one I used is called Candy Cane Christmas (#121715). If you would like to order this fabric, you can do so HERE.

10 thoughts on “Easy No Sew Fabric Project”

  1. I hope you are going to scrapbook these photos because your girls are absolutely stunning! And so are the hair pieces. Wow Erica, I think you've really outdone yourself!

  2. OH my goodness Erica!!! Congratulations on winning the So Shelli challenge with these adorable headbands!!!

  3. they are seriously pretty head bands on such beautiful girls. i have just made some rom felt but now after seeing yours i think i amy ahve to go and visit my local haberdashery for some fabric…cheers ears

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