Drinking the Kool Aid…

When my friend Tammie and I arrived in SLC for the Stampin Up convention, we were excited. But, we were not “dress like a gnome, bee keeper, dance in the isle, stand and scream like were on Oprah’s Favorites Show excited. We thought, wow, these people have really drank the “Kool Aid!”

But, 3 days later, this is Tammie and I

Can you see our Kool Aid mustaches? Believe me, they’re there!
Honestly, we fell head over heels in love with SU. Yes, I loved SU before because of the products. I mean, who doesn’t LOVE our products. But what Tammie and I experienced in Salt Lake City was so  much more. We met people, amazing people. People, demonstrators and SU employees, who cared about getting to know us as friends. We sat through classes that talked about treating people with respect, living your life focusing on the “Why” not the “How,” cultivating relationships not only professionally but personally too.
I feel like I grew as a human being on this trip. I’ve been to lots of conferences professionally, but nothing that ever made me feel like they truly cared about me as a person. This company is more than what you see at face value. Yes, we sell a product, but more than that SU is about creating experiences with friends, and not just at convention, but through out the rest of the year with friends through the workshops and classes that we do. Two days later and I am still trying to process all the things I heard and saw.
So, what does all this mean to you, my blog followers? Well, I want to share my “kool aid” with you! I want others to experience the things I did last week. Right now, SU is offering the Starter Kit for $99.

Yes, this on its own, is an amazing deal. And, not only are the offering it super cheap, but they are also giving everybody who signs up by the end of the month this super cute Holiday Box Project.
So, since I am still on my convention high, I want to sweeten the deal a little bit. I bought a bunch of these at Memento Mall:
If you sign up before the end of July to be a part of my team (which I have named Stampede Stampers!), I will send you one! And, if your local, we can make our Holiday Boxes together in my new Stamp Room!
So, if you
1. Want to SAVE money on stamps.
2. Want to EARN money on stamps.
3. Want to support your SU habit and be able to order everything you want in the catalog with out having to take away from your family’s budget.
4. Want to be a part of a community of amazing people.
5. Want a free Holiday project.
6. Want a free SU bag only available at convention.
Then it’s time for you to look into joining the SU family.
You will never, ever regret it. It truly has changed my life!
Please contact me, either by calling me (210-86501264) or emailing me if you want to talk through it. If this is something you have been thinking about for a while and are ready to do it, you can go directly to my Demo site now and sign up. The kit is totally customizable, so you can pick your stamps and ink.  I have big aspirations for the year to come. I hope you will be a part of it with me!
Tammie and I are still wandering around our houses looking for Memento Mall, Brian Pilling  and class stickers wishing we were still there…. My kids keep looking at me like I’ve lost my mind! I have a serious Convention Hangover! And I am already counting the days till next JULY!

3 thoughts on “Drinking the Kool Aid…”

  1. I'm bummed I didn't run into you in all the madness! I had also never been to a conference that was so inspiring and as a company SU really cares! It was awesome and I'm glad to hear you had a great time! And I'm with you on the hangover, lol!

  2. Erica, just had to let you know that while you were "drinking the Kool Aid" at convention, I spent time exploring your blog. Although I've followed you for a very long time, I enjoyed falling in love with your stamping style and exceptional designs all over again! Thank you so very much for inspiring me! MWAH!

  3. Erica, this post made me smile! Sounds like a fun time at Convention, for sure…even though you left your gnome costume at home. Lol! 🙂

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