DInosaurs; Day 4

The last day of Dinosaur Kamp is always the most fun! When the kids arrive they get to see their volcano finished with a clear coat of sealer and a few plastic Dino’s glued on!

But before we can get to the finale of exploding them, we had a few other things to do. We started by painting a sunset back ground. We used tempra cakes and some rock salt. The salt kind of gives it a texture that looks like maybe falling stars/meteors.

We put those out to dry and started our Fossil Books. I made the books by taping several sandwich baggies together with Duct Tape. The kids then took their finished fossils and put one in each baggie.

The books were pretty thick once our fossils were in.

Next, they filled in the label that said “This is a fossil of a_____.” They stuck a label to each baggie.

Off all the fun things we did this week, I think the kids enjoyed playing with the plastic Dino’s the very most. They couldn’t wait to finish whatever they were working on so that they could go play some more! They loved to play Carnivores vs. Herbivores!!! LOL!

For snack, we had Buried Bones. We buried our Dino bones (white chocolate chips) in the mud (pudding) and put some sand (cracker crumbs) on top.

After snack, it was time to paint on our silhouette. We dusted all the salt off and headed in.

They cut out the Dino’s from black paper.

Now, it was explosion time! They were a little disappointed that the lava didn’t explode way up.

Lastly it was time to add the meteors onto our paintings. We used oil pastels for this.

We also tried on our t-shirts with our Dino Writing from the day before.

Thanks for a great week guys! I had so much fun spending time with such great kids!

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