Design Teams and Challenge Blogs

often asked how I got my tiny baby blog to grow up to a Big Fancy Nancy blog..
Ok, maybe not in those words, but something like that! My blog recently published its 1000 post and has almost a million hits!
 I always say, there is
ONE main thing I can attribute my initial blog traffic to and that is PLAY THE CHALLENGES!
When you play along with a Challenge Blog, you invite others to your blog with a direct link
to come and see your stuff. If they like what they see, they’ll come back! They may even become a regular follower! So,
over the last 4-5 years, my love of Challenge Blogs has catapulted my card
making skills (lots of paper crafting practice  while playing) as well as opened the door to
several design teams. 
I have a chart that I refer to every week to help inspire me and
get the ball rolling, so to speak, when I have some kind of
“assignment” that I need to get done. This is my go to list and I
feel like you guys would benefit from having it as a reference as well. This by
no means is every challenge blog out there. If you know of one that rocks and I don’t have listed,
please email me so I can add it! Have FUN and get BUSY!
Card Concept (bi monthly) 

Paper Play Sketches archive
Deconstructed Sketches archive

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