Colorful Seasons- and my own Summer Hours

Good morning everyone and happy summer! It’s officially HOT, HOT, HOT here! We’re in the second full week of summer and I’m reminded once again what summer really means here in the Cerwin house.  
I seem to forget each year what it’s like to have all three of my babies home all day long! And, I am reminded what my first priority needs to be- them! So, this morning, I am announcing that I am cutting back over the next few months. This last week, my kids have begged for my attention while I have been locked away in my studio trying to get everything done. We haven’t gone to the pool or done any fun “summer things” like we should be doing. And that’s the reason I quit my “away from home” job years ago- so I would be more available for them! So, starting this week, you will be seeing less of me. I will only be posting two or three times a week here and on Facebook. I may not be as quick to answer emails or messages so please be patient. It’s only temporary- just until August and we all go back to our normal schedule. I only have these little ladies for a few more years and then they will be off and I will wonder where the time went…. God gave them to me and i need to be the best Mom I can be while I have them! So, this summer we will swim, play, craft, bake and watch lots of movies! 
Thanks for your understanding! 

Now, on to today’s card! It’s this month’s Stamp Club Card! And, it’s a CASE of sorts from the catalog. 

It features the super popular Colorful Seasons stamp set and Seasonal Layers Framelits. It’s mainly in Old Olive, but there is also one Lemon Lime Twist leaf as well. The ribbon is Old Olive Mini Chevron and the “dots” are the Glitter Enamel Dots. 

 Thanks for stopping by today!! 

Wood Crate Class To Go



5 thoughts on “Colorful Seasons- and my own Summer Hours”

  1. You have a beautiful family. They totally grow up too fast. Enjoy every moment of your time together this summer, Erica.

  2. I really understand you. My girls are 14 and nearly 12 now and some days ago I recognized again how fast they have grown and that I should enjoy the time with them.
    Wishing you a nice summer!
    Greetings from Austria

  3. You will never regret spending more time with your kids! Have a great summer and I will look forward to your posts when they come! 🙂

  4. Good for you – your priorities are in the right place. Your girls are lucky to have you! Have a great summer.

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