Caution: Little Girls at work!!!

We had two birthday parties this weekend, so I pulled out my Build a Bear stamp set and let Ellie, my 7 year old, go to work. Of course, Emma, who is 2, was not about to be left out!

You can see in this picture that Emma didn’t really get the idea of stamping one time to get a clear image. She POUNDED on the paper with the stamp. It took everything in me not to rip my precious SU stamps out of her hand!!!

But, she had fun and felt like she was creating, so thats all that matters, right?

Ellie on the other hand is a true artist. She took her time stamping and coloring with her new colored pencils.

I forgot to take a picture of the final cards, but you can see here how good the images look, even when little girls are making them!

Stamp Set; Beary Good Friends
Pencils: Crayola

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