Scrappy Stuff

I have a buch of new LOs but can’t post them yet. They will be featured on A Daily Challenge soon. So, untill then, here are a few things I have been working on! Invite for my friend’s son’s birthday. Its a Spurs theme! They took a while.. LOL! And, a couple I can share:

Cheesy BBQ Chicken

AKA; Chilis Montery Chicken. This stuff is AWESOME! Probably the best recipe I have discovered in YEARS! Another one of my favorite blogs, The Hungry Housewife, had it a few weeks back. You have to try it! Its soooooo yummy! Here is a picture from her blog: And here is the link: Try it! Your …

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Toddler Trouble!

So, this week has been Spring Break. I couldn’t wait for Spring Break! However, it has definitely been a week I have not wanted to repeat… I am not brave enough to take all three kids out in public by myslef. So, that means we would be at home everyday. Which wouldn’t have beenso bad …

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Spring Swap

I had a really hard time comming up with something cute for this swap. I must have made 15 prototypes. But, in the end, I found some things I loved. The suns are my favorite. And that deer stamp is so sweet. I had to use it. The background on the deer tag is a …

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Am I doing this?

Well…I think I am taking the plunge! Everybody has a blog. I read many blogs daily! So, why don’t I have a blog?? Its not like I don’t have a million other things to do…LOL! Like chase my own little buckaroos around all day long! So, stay tuned. This will be a place for scrapbooking, …

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