Calendar Class Prep

This week, my kids are all away during the day at various places. I kind of have that elated “I’m alone for 6 hours! What should I do???” kind of feeling! Should I take a nap with no interruptions, should I scrap, should I make a card should I work on school stuff…? So many possibilities! So, today I decided to work on prepping for my first scrap class. I am doing a Calendar Cover that I designed last year. Mom helped my write the tutorial last week and now I need to make the samples and organize the materials.

So this is what my dining room looked like. Could you imagine doing this with a crawling 8 month old, rambunctious 2 year old and a silly 6 year old around?? Yikes!

Here are my samples. They turned out pretty cute I think!

It is going to be my first SU workshop, but i bought all the paper before I decided to become a SU Demo, so its not all SU paper. But, we will be using SU stamps, inks, tools, etc.

So, now maybe I will go scrap…. or read… or take a bath.. hmmmmm… its hard having so many hobbies!

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  1. so then do you slide a pocket calendar in there???

    i'd love to see the instructions if you're willing 😉

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