I had two more really cute Halloween projects to show you today and tomorrow. However, while Daddy was “supervising” the baby earlier in the week, she broke into my office and stole the camera card right out of the computer. I have spent the last three days looking for it with no luck. Boo Hoo! And I saved the best two for last!! Not to mention all the pictures of the girls I have taken over the last month.Sigh….

Anyway, I will take today to remind you of my new class Got Gift Cards? This class is December 4 if you are in town, or I will mail it to you if you are not! Check it out HERE.

Also, I am very, very close to htting a new sales goal. So, if you need any Stampin Up’ supplies and would like to help me out, please order them this weekend! I will send you one of my cards featured here in the last month if you do! 🙂 You can order HERE.

And, if your looking for used Stamps, check out my For Sale list HERE.

Happy Friday!

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