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Hello everyone! Today I want to share a VERY simple project with you that I actually created last year. 
Have you ever been “Boo’d?” Or is it Booed? I don’t know, but I am going with “Boo’d!” It’s when someone secretly leaves you a fun treat on your porch (or desk, or mailbox, or windshield, etc.), and then you have to turn around and secretly do the same to someone else. We’ve done it in my neighborhood and we did it at the school I worked at too. 
It’s just a really fun pick me up to do during October. 
I used out Kraft Tag a Bags and stamped them with the dots from Stamp A Bag. I filled the bag with Halloween candy and a few Halloween erasers and pencils. I then created a tag for the front and instructions for the back on MDS (Now no longer available.) I tied the tag in the front and glued the instructions on the back. I then secretly drop them off at my neighbors. 
I decided to share the printable tags with you today because, well, why not!?  I want you to have a fun and easy way to play this game with your friends too! Let’s face it, we’re all TERRIBLY busy and sometimes don’t have time to make a ton of things, so this printable tag set will help you look like you’ve got it all together! 🙂 

 Click the link below to get a PDF of the above:

Built for Free Using: My Stampin Blog

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