Bloom Where You Are Planted

Hey everybody! I’m back from dropping off my oldest at college. She’s going to Baylor University, my alma mater  Whew! I know, I was prepared for the emotional aspect of all this. Everyone warns you. But man, it’s SO HARD! I think once we actually said goodbye, I was all cried out, but it was still so hard! Her sisters had a very hard time saying goodbye too. But, we did it. And she’s happy and in the right place! 

We spent all of yesterday setting up her room. Isn’t it cute!? She really bought everything herself. She was on top of it! I worried as we got closer that she didn’t have everything, but I was very wrong.

I left a little bracelet on her bed when we left. It’s from Wanderer and it had the coordinates of our house on it. I forgot to take a picture of it! Ugh! But, I did take a picture of this little tag I made for her. The quite was actually a little tear of tag that came from the school in some advertisements for goodie boxes. Of course I had to make it super cute! I used the Bloom Where You Are Planted Suite to match her room, She loves little plants and the whole earthy theme. 

I’ll be back tomorrow at 2:00 pm CST for Facebook Friday! I’ll be featuring the Joyful Live stamp set- it’s fo cute!! Make sure to set a reminder! See you then! 
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