A Special End of the Year Teacher Gift (sniff, sniff…)

My daughter just finished Kindergarten! I’m sad and excited at the same time. She had a very special teacher who she loved and so together we decided to make her s special gift.

As a teacher myself, I take my daughter’s teachers gifts very seriously! Now, as a teacher, I love a gift card, don’t get me wrong, but my very favorite gift is a hand written note from a parent telling me how much their child learned and grew while in my care.

So this year I decided to make Ellie’s teacher a paperbag thank you album. I know 10 years from now, she really wont care about pictures, but hopfully our family’s words of thanks will continue to inspire her to continue to do amazing things in her classroom.

I had Ellie come up with a “Top 10 reasons why I love Mrs. Ramirez” list. Behind their picture, where it says Top Secret, is her gift card!

Inside the flap are a bunch of pictures from the year. On the back of each one, I wrote a note of thanks or how that activty helped Ellie to learn or grow.

Ellie wrote what she learned this year and drew a picture of her favorite memory (100th day of school and the fancy hats they got to make!)

Here is my note of thanks as well as a note that Ellie wrote to her.

***I dont know why these next pictures are sideways! I CAN’T FIX THEM!!***
This is Ellie’s picture of Mrs. Ramirez as well as a note she wrote that says “Thank you for being my teacher.”

More hidden pictures with thank you notes.

The back side.

I’ve never made a paperbag album as a gift, but I have made a million of them as “comissions.” It was so much fun to make this for someone I care about. I couldn’t stop adding little hidden surprises for her.
Want to make a paperbag album? Here are some resources

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