The Best of 2011…

If I had to pick just one word from 2011 to add to the dictionary, it would be…

 PINTEREST! I know! I can’t stop talking about it! So, in honor of the one thing that had the most impact on my art this year, I have created my “Best of 2011” list as a board on Pinterest!

It really is much easier to pin your ideas. There is no “adding code” or remembering what is what by strangely worded  labels. It’s a simple picture with a direct link to the original post! So, if you would like to see my 23 most favorite projects from 2011, please click below! Let me know what you think!
Have a great Tuesday!

1 thought on “The Best of 2011…”

  1. What would we do without pinterest?! I went through the saved and downloaded pictures on my computer and was amazed at the number that did not have an artist's name to link back to… I won't have to worry about this anymore!

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