Back to reality and a few announcments…

Hi everybody! Wow! What a week I’ve had! I just returned from New York City!! I’ve never been, but it’s been the #1 place I have wanted to visit for as long as I can remember. For my birthday, my parents sent me!

 Every fall, my mom takes a group of fine arts students to New York for four days. It’s a jam packed trip full of tours, Broadway and history. There is no better way to see it all! I was thrilled when Mom asked me if I wanted to go with her this year.

I’m not even sure I can remember everything we did! My legs are SO SORE today! We walked a TON!
Mom and I in Times Square. TS is gross. It was my least favorite part of the city. If you’ve never been, stay as far away as you can!! LOL!
Didn’t get to see Dave, but had to pose for pictures in front of his theater!
Battery Park and the Statue of Liberty in the back. Even though we look cold, it was actually BEAUTIFUL!
We walked though the financial district. Our tour guide’s name was Jim (from Manhattan Tour and Travel) and he was AWESOME!!! He knows everything there is to know about NYC. 
My favorite part of the trip was learning all the history! I took a TON of pictures!!
I’m no longer a Subway Virgin. But, I don’t think I’d brave it with out Jim!
These are some of the sweet girls from the student group. They were awesome and gave me a renewed hope for future generations! 🙂 There are still good kids out there!!!  
We ate food from the tucks on the street and some delis. Yumm-O!!! 

Each night we saw a different Broadway show. Kinky Boots was AMAZING! I can’t even begin to tell you how good this show is. If you see one show, see this one!! I am now obsessed and have been listening to the music since I got home. We also saw Pippen and Matilda.  They were very good also. But, Kinky Boots stole my heart for sure.

 We toured the 9/11 site. So moving.. The museum is opening in the spring and I can’t wait to go back to see it.

Central Park was beautiful. We could have spent an entire day there!

My mom had set up and meeting with Urban Sketchers. The girls spent some time drawing in the park. It was so cool! 

Since I am not a drawer, I snuck over tgo, I will spend days there! The shopping possibilities were endless!

Kate’s Paperi is supposedly Martha Stewart’s favorite paper store. It was fun!


 There were cute things like this all over the place!

 We went into the bakery that serves the popular Cro-nut (croissant/doughnut) but they had already sold out. But, we had no trouble finding something else to splurge on!

 The girls had a “workshop” with Matilda’s  Philip Spaeth (he was also in Smash!) It was really neat talking with him about how he got to where he is.

 And he wasn’t bad to look at either… 😉

 I almost cried as I watched the city fade away yesterday from the plane window. I am completely in love with NYC and am already planning my next trip. I can’t wait to take hubby back and do the non artsy stuff! But, it was a wonderful way to spend some time with my mom. I am so grateful she and m y dad generously included in this experience. It was such a nice break from the day to day…

 Ok, so back to reality.. The blog is going to slow down a little bit over the next month. I’ve got a very busy November and I have already neglected my family too much! I have committed to Stampin’ Up to create for some upcoming corporate events, so I need to make time for that. In order to not lose my mind, I have decided to not to offer a Scrap Mail in November. I am sorry if I disappoint my regulars, but I promise it will be back in December! Thank you for understanding! 

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2 thoughts on “Back to reality and a few announcments…”

  1. Looks like you had a blast in NY!! We were there for 8 days many moons ago, feels like you need a month or more to get all the good stuff in!! It's still on our wish list to go back! Amazing place! See ya at scrap club next month!

  2. Great looking shots of a fabulous time in NYC! such a zany place, so much energy! Kinky Boots really is the best! (we got to talk with Billy Porter and get a photo for a minute or 2 after the show !) Glad you had such a good time!

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