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Welcome back to the May Artisan Blog Hop! This month, I am focusing on the brand new Project Life® by Stampin’ Up!® . I am in L.O.V.E with the Everyday Adventure Project Life cards. They are tiny little pieces of art. I feel the same about them as I do about pattern paper. Pattern paper is my favorite scrapbook supply and these fall in that category for sure. 
So, last week I did a traditional PL page. Each week, I am going to try and show you OTHER ways to use these cute little cards. I want you to see how versatile they are. If you are not a scrapbooker, these are still for you! If you are not a big time crafter, these are still for you!!! I am telling you, keep these in a drawer in your kitchen and watch how fast you find ways to use them! 
The most obvious non scrapbook use for these are tags. I mean, hello!! It’s already mostly done for you! You really don’t have to do anything to it other than write your message! And they could be used for a HUGE range of reasons and events. 
This one was created for Chad Williams, the Stampin’ Up representative (and web master extraordinaire!) who came to San Antonio to run the Catalog Premier. I wanted to make a gift for him that represented San Antonio. Inside was some kind of jalapeno chocolate, I can’t really remember… It was really all about the tag! LOL!

I used the bag the candy store gave me when I purchased the candy and just dressed it up! The cute post card is an Everyday Adventure PL card. You guys know I can’t leave well enough alone, so I added some stamped images from Simply Stars, Greetings From Photopolymer Stamp Set and the Map It Out Photopolymer Stamp Set.  I colored them in with my Belndabilities!!

I created a little of my own Pattern Paper to go in the window of the bag using the same stamp sets. 
Hope you enjoyed your stay in SA Chad!
Now, another way I have been using these little cards is nothing spectacular. 
Unless you ask my daughters!

They’ve enjoyed finding them in their lunch boxes a time or two!! Much more exciting when it’s on a fun card instead of a paper towel or napkin!! LOL!
You can find all of Stampin’ Up’s current Project Life Offerings HERE. And if you like what you see, get excited because the new catalog has a TON more! The rest of the month, I will be showing you alternate uses for your Project Life pieces. They are so beautiful and fun, you can really do so much with them! I hope you will hop back by and check out my other Wednesday posts. 
Alright, you’re on to the next Artisan, my friend Jane Lee. Thanks so much for hopping along with us this week!
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Papillon Potpourri 

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  1. You are one of the most fun people I know… and I'd be super excited to receive any of these cutely packaged gifts! I think I need a 2nd set of these cards for gift giving in a snap! Thanks for the inspiration!

  2. jalapeno chocolate. . . sounds very intriguing! Super fun ways to use the cards! I love your bag tag!

  3. They were actually habanero pralines and they were yummy but SO HOT!!! It was great to spend some time in San Antonio (love that city!) and even better to spend an evening with our amazing TX demos!

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