Project Life by Stampin’ Up Playground Scrapbook Page- Artisan Blog Hop

Hello everyone! Can you believe this year for us has come to an end!? It has been an AMAZING two year journey for me as I served as a member of the Artisan Design Team. I can’t really write much because I am so overcome with emotion at the fact that this is the end….

OK, let me stick to the easy part- This page was created with Project Life by Stampin’ Up Playground cards. Yes, you can use these wonderful little pieces of art on traditional scrapbooking pages!

I also used my ecutter and MDS version to cut this cute camera! 

I used the new Little Leter Framelits to cut the title out of one of the cards.

 And who knew you could cut shapes out of the burlap ribbon!? You can! I used a Star Framelit!

OK, let’s see if I can do this…. Thank you for being a part of the last two years. I have grown in so many ways. I can’t even describe the ways being a part of the Artisan DT has changed my life. I have friends, life long friends, who would have never come into my life other wise. I have been encouraged and inspired by the other ladies on both teams in ways that helped me grow as an artist and reach for goals I wanted. I just can’t even tell you how big this has been in my life and for how very grateful I am for Stampin’ Up and this opportunity.

But, it’s time for me to step aside for another AMAZING group of ladies. I am focusing on my SU business with the same focus I gave the DT and I hope you will stick around and see all the fun things I have planned!

Now, for the last time… you’re off to one of my most favorite friends, Jane Lee!

Interested in learning more about Project Life by Stampin’ Up and how you can use it in lots of ways? Sign up for my August Project Life by Stampin’ Up class. It’s available as a “to go” class if you aren’t local. I’ll mail it and the directions to you! 

13 thoughts on “Project Life by Stampin’ Up Playground Scrapbook Page- Artisan Blog Hop”

  1. Erica, you are such an amazingly talented young woman. I am in complete awe of your creativity. You have been a constant source of inspiration for me over the past several years. How is it possible for someone to have so much energy? I look forward to seeing what the future holds for you! Hugs!

  2. Ohhhhh, we broke you down. Its been an amazing 2 yard Erica and you should be incredibly proud of your accomplishments. You have big things to come… you really do.

  3. Erica, being on the ADT for 2 years gave me the greatest gift ever – you. I truly love everything about you!! You are talented in a myriad of ways but most of all you are an amazing friend. I love you more than words can say and I look forward to our girls trips (that have yet to be planned) and the silly texts we send. You are truly one of my best friends and I have Stampin' Up! to thank for it. So thank you, Stampin' Up!! You are one of the greatest rewards ever. Love you! Friends fo' life. BBS, yo!

    • OMG Jane… There are no words. Truly, no words. I love you so very much!! And, I feel the EXACT same way!!!

  4. Super cute page! I love all of the little details and now I want to go cut out a little camera! lol. You know I'm a big fan of yours! Excited to see what you do with your business this year! 🙂

  5. I love how you bring out the best of Project Life by Stampin' Up! What a super layout and love your little Pink Buckaroo. Our family's Addie's life is horses!

  6. P.S. I hit return too soon – you're such an inspiration and I've really enjoyed following your work and look forward to your future creative projects.

  7. I see a bright path in front of you filled with many successes, Erica. Thank you for sharing your amazing ideas as an ADT member for 2 years. I look forward to seeing all that you do as you move forward!

  8. Love this page, and that you used Project Life and your e-cutter! I've enjoyed seeing all your bright and beautiful projects this year. Good luck with your business and all your creative adventures!

  9. ohhh, Erica your 'now for the last time' in your lead up to your link to Jane totally got me! I am truly honoured to have served with your amazingly creative talent on this year's ADT! You are like an architect of paper and a creative genius. I admire your work and look forward to every single creation… as much as that, I look forward to cheering you on to success in your business in the coming year, I know you'll do great and that the stage will be yours next year in a new variety of ways!

  10. You are so amazingly talented! Sometimes it just boggles my mind when I see the things you come up with! I don't know how you can create so many fabulous things in so little time. It's been an honor to serve on this years ADT with you & I wish you all the best on your next creative adventure!

  11. A beautiful page, love all the little elements you added! Thank you for all the inspiration and lovely projects you've shared as one of the ADT! Your creativity knows no bounds and I am always astounded at your 3D projects!!

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