August In Color Club Cards

Hello everyone! Today, i’d like to share my In Color cards for this month’s In Color Club. I selected the fun Press On stamp set to create this month’s fun card. 

I always love the way the same card looks in a variety of colors. This year’s In Colors are so bright and fun! And the Cinnamon Cider, the one kind of odd ball non bright color, looks the very best because it’s coffee colored!! 
Misty Moonlight

Magenta Madness


Cinnamon Cider

Just Jade

My In Color Club is quite large so it takes me several days to make all the cards and one whole day to sort out their kits and another day to pack and label them for shipping. 

I do love how the colors look when they’re all spread out and sorted! as my kids would say “that’s so satisfying!” 

Each month, my club members also receive a bonus embellishment and this month, everyone got a bolt of the Bumblebee Gingham Ribbon (my favorite!!) 

While my In color Club is closed (you can only join in May each year,) you can find all the In Color products here in my store. 

August All Star Tutorial Featuring In Good Taste 



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