Artisan Award 2013 Entry #4- Vintage 3D Typewriter Album

Hello and welcome back to the 2013 Artisan Design Team Blog Hop! You have arrived to Day 4 of our 10 day run showing off our Winning Artisan Entries!

Today, I am showing you the last project I made. And by last, I mean the last typewriter I made. this is version 3! This thing about killed me!! I threw two away before I finally got it right!
I wanted to create a 3D Typewriter that held a digital album that resembled the popular Subway Art. I had it in my head but really struggled getting it out in paper!

The MDS part was easy. It took forever because it kept evolving as I made it. I kept changing and adding… What you can’t really tell in this picture is that lots of the elements are popped up. I printed two and cut them out of one and popped them out with Dimensionals. 

The bas of the typewriter was slowly (and painstakingly) created from scratch. I would measure and cut, remeasure and recut and so on… Finally, it was done after days and days and days of working on it!

I created the ribbon element with lots of hot glue and circle punches and who knows what else… I’ve kind of blocked it all out!! LOL!

Inside, I featured some of my favorite quotes. I stared with a template and then each time, changed it to match the picture I was using. Again, lots of elements popped up. 

One of the problems I had was balance. It was top heavy and wanted to fall backwards. I added a On Board Chipboard piece in the back to try to give it some strength, but that just made it heavier!

The two ring piece was somethign I found in the scrapbook section of my local craft store. Lot’s of hot glue people! This thing was a bear!

The scariest thing was shipping it. After all that work, I didn’t know if this or my other 3D would make it… But, they did. They were a little battered when I saw them on display, but for the most part, they were ok. I ended up loving this project even though it caused me to come very close to throwing in the towel! But, perseverance,  a lot of hot glue and a couple of  crying phone calls to my mother helped me pull through! 😉

Thanks for stopping by today! keep on hoppin’ and check out what my very talented friend

 Jane Lee has to show you today.



19 thoughts on “Artisan Award 2013 Entry #4- Vintage 3D Typewriter Album”

  1. This project absolutely blows my mind. Oh My Goodness! I saw it at convention and my jaw dropped to the floor.

  2. Pictures simply don't do the detail justice. Absolutely amazing and only a truly gifted soul could produce it and have the patience to continue. Wow wow wow!

  3. Love your typewriter. It was a totally awesome and cool idea and I'm glad you didn't give up on it. It's great to see what the rest of the pages looked like, since we could only see page one at convention. Love it!! 🙂

  4. This one is a real wow! I knew the top was a scrapbook and glad that you showed the pages here since we couldn't see them on display at convention. I'm glad you stuck it out!

  5. You talent is beyond amazing! I can't even wrap my brain around a project like this…you.are.awesome!

  6. This project blows me away! The typewriter itself is incredible… then all those gorgeous photos (and girls in them of course!), the pefectly used quotes and every single little detail! My boys saw it and still talk about how 'the typewriter'!!! Absolutely Fabulous job Erica!

  7. Erica- This project is beyond amazing! You are extremely talented! Congrats for winning Artisan again! Well deserved!

  8. What a fantastic project. Love your "pages" – you do such great work with design and color and your sweet subjects are perfect!

  9. This knocked my socks off at Convention! Now to hear of the story behind it, let me salute you! AMAZING!!!!!!!!

  10. This was yours?! I remember seeing this and thinking, "WOW! There is no way I have a chance!" This detail and work that went into this project has me floored!

  11. I loved seeing all of the pages in the album. The quotes are all perfect. Like someone else said, the typewriter is an amazing piece of art, but the details everywhere take it to the top!!! What a wonderful and creative artist you are.

  12. Let's face it…words cannot adequately describe how awesome this is! Those little pages are a-maz-ing. The typewriter…so brilliant.

  13. I can not think of anything else to say that already has been. You are very talent. Thank you for sharing.

  14. THis is truly amazing, you did a brilliant job of it, and how fantastic and proud you must be to have seen it to the end – it is an awesome project.

  15. Wooooow….. I was awestruck over this project when I saw it at convention, but I didn't even realize the top was an album!!! Makes it even better! The pages are beautiful. I can't believe how much work you put into that piece… Actually, I don't think most people realize how many hours go into the winning Artisan entries… It's kind of crazy, when you think about it! You richly deserve the winning title, my dear. Your projects were all very impressive, particularly those 3D items. Kudos!

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