Anatomy of a Birthday

My middle child turns five next week. She is in love with all things art, so she chose a party at Painting with a Twist. I’ve been mulling over ideas for her invitation for weeks. I started playing around last week and came up with this… at first….

I loved it, but yea right! I am so not making 15 of these suckers! See that rainbow? Yes, each of those zig zags were glued on individually. Yea….. so not gonna happen!
You have to understand that I love to make cards, and scrapbook pages, and other things from paper. What I don’t like is making a bunch of the same thing {Mass Production!} So, usually, I just decide to do something quick and easy that I can PRINT! But, lame, right? I mean, I am a SU Demonstrator… my kids should have cute invites right? Sigh….
OK, so I sit down and play with MDS and try to remake the rainbow to print out.

This was the final product. Eh. It’s OK. I’m not crazy about the way the rainbow looks… And do I really want to adhere all those hearts and squeeze my Color Spritzer THAT MANY TIMES!?

Man, that first one was so cute…. What to do, what to do….
Enter Emma the Delima. 
Emma: “Mommy! Are these my birthday invitations? I love them! Can I help you make some more”
Me: {Silence, Guilt,} Sigh…., “Sure Baby!”

So, I had to simplify. And, I had to include Emma. So we got out the water colors and I let her and her sister splatter paint. They LOVED this part!

 Note to self- Do this outside next time!

 How do you say no to this? Look at all that splatter on her face?!?!

 OK, rainbow splatter done!

 So then, I set up a mass production area. She and I punched and glued and stamped. This is what we came up with:

 Could. Not. Be. Prouder!= So totally worth it! 😉

They really were not hard at all. Emma did most of the gluing.

Can you tell where she did the glue? LOL! The Type A in me had a very hard time with this!!!!

 We ended up making 14, all in bright colors: Real Red, Pumpkin Pie, Daffodil Delight, Old Olive, Tempting Turquoise, Pacific Point and Rich Razzleberry.

 The pallet is made with the large oval on the Oval Die, then punched with the word window. I also stamped them with the wood grain background stamp and inked the edges. The paint brush is made with the Blossom Petal Builder and the Word Window.

So, they all went out yesterday, hand delivered by Emma the Dilema herself! Loud and proud announcing that there were only 10 days till her birthday!!!!
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24 thoughts on “Anatomy of a Birthday”

  1. Love these and loved hearing the process because its the same thing I seem to go through with my kids! They love to help! Hope she has an amazing birthday!

  2. These are great! My daughter's birthday party was at a place where you painted your own pottery – these would have been perfect! Definitely saving this idea, as the younger daughter has already asked to have her party there next year!

  3. I giggled through this entire posting as last year I when through the same thing with our 7 year old. She wanted a pennant invite pre-pennant punch. She cut every crooked triangle, and was so proud. Happy birthday to your daughter!

  4. This was one of the most entertaining posts I've ever seen! I love the photos and the replay of the day:)
    Those invites are AWESOME!

  5. Love your cards! Love reading about the process and so know what you mean about having a hard time with the gluing. Would be the same way! TFS!

  6. As much as I love the original with all of the gorgeous rainbow zigzags, how can I not adore the one that your girls helped create!! She will look back and remember this even more than the party!! Wonderful post!!!

  7. Love these cards. My youngest is 5in a couple of weeks too and we have the weekend to make his invites! Nice to know we have to go through the same processes, thank you for beautiful inspiration on your blog.

  8. I love these! I think that you are a pretty cool mom for allowing your daughters to help you! Wonderful invites!

  9. Love this!!! And you've shown me that I really need to include my daughter in my crafting too!!! Mommy needs to learn to share better, lol! Happy Birthday to your precious Emma!!!

  10. I love that your daughters made the splattered background and it looked GREAT on the invitations!!!!
    Have a great birthday party!!!!

  11. Thanks so much for sharing the process of the card making day with all of us. I made cards for my little brother's birthday (sailboats) over fifty years ago. My mom still remembers it and says, "remember when…..". These kinds of memories are the cream of life. My brother passed away ten years ago, but the love and memories live on forever.

  12. Way to go Momma! Love how you simplified the cards, but still made them fabulous! And the girls helped out, that is the best part. Awesome job girls!

  13. This is so cool to see someone else working their way thru the "process". Love how they turned out! I don't think you need to feel guilty at all. I think Emma should be thrilled that her Mommy makes such wonderful creations!

  14. Those are AWESOME!! What a good mommy you are! My daughter is 8 and she just loves to sit with me when I stamp, but it take so much patience, which I was not gifted with!! Thanks for sharing your beautiful card, but also your beautiful daughter!

  15. Love these!!! What a great story. Love the paint splatters!! Now I want to make some paintbrushes and palettes.

  16. haha…totally feel you with the 'silence, guilt, sigh' when my kids ask if they can stamp with me too!! These turned out AWESOME and the splattered paper ROCKS! 🙂 I too share your type A biz…ack, glue…what it's not straight?! I have to bite my tongue and just let them do their thing, cause in the end, it's actually pretty good, if I do say so myself! haha! You're a GREAT Mama!

  17. SO cute… loved reading the story of how the invitations came to be! I don't have children, but boyfriends also make great helpers (said just like you would say, "You can be my big helper" to a child LOL), too! Had a guy I was dating at Christmas do a bunch of scoring and punching for me for mass-producing my coworkers' Christmas goodies…

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