All Star Tutorial Bundle- New Six Month Subscription!

Hello everyone! Guess what- it’s time to start a new Tutorial Bundle Six Month Earning Period! This round, we have several new members. Photo coming soon! 

Each month’s Tutorial Bundle includes TWELVE projects, each written out step by step, with photos, measurements and product lists. We event have measurements in both imperial and metric so anyone can create them! 

This is the start of a new six month round of monthly tutorials. Like previous rounds (scroll through these posts to see previous months tutorials), we have a subscription option for those of you who’d love to receive these in your inbox each month. Check out the sneak peek of my project in this month’s PDF!

You have several ways of receiving these tutorial bundles:

1. Order $50 from my online store between February 1-28, get the PDF for FREE.  

2. Purchase this month’s 

All Star Tutorial Bundle (13 tutorials) PDF for $15.  
This is a one time purchase. 

PURCHASE NOW- coming Feb 1st
3. Join my team! They always get them for free! 
4. Subscribe and get all of them for the next 6 months automatically delivered to you for the price of just five months! That means you will be getting one month free! You can pay for the whole thing up front, or pay for it monthly.  This offer will only be available through the first month. 
See below for those options. 

Purchase the six months up front for $75 (one month is free!) and receive the PDFs delivered directly to your inbox the first week of each month, February-July.

Subscribe and be billed $15 for five months and receive the sixth month for free! Receive the PDFs delivered directly to your inbox the first week of each month, February- July. 

If you chose the subscription option, I will send you this month’s PDF within 24 hours of order completion. 

It will not be ready until February 1st, so if you buy it before then, please be patient! 

 Each month after, you will receive it on the 1st of the month. If you for some reason don’t receive one of the PDFs, please email me and let me know! 

We will have a special Blog Hop next week celebrating this month’s Tutorial Bundle. Make sure to stop back by and check it out on Friday, February 8th 



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