3D Paper Lighthouse

I’ve wanted to make a 3D paper lighthouse for a very long time. And, I will admit, I’ve tried to make one many times. And failed miserably many times. I studied the lighthouse bar on the cruise we took in May a lot! Took pictures of it from different angles… I was bound and determined!  Then, I found this lighthouse on line and was finally able to wrap my head around the design! I looked at LOTS of lighthouses on line and finally came up with this!
This title lighthouse holds a battery operated votive. So, it really does put off light! 
And don’t you think this sentiment is perfect?? I sure do! 

This is another project you can find the directions for in my Summer Fun Project Planner. It’s relatively easy and my step by step instructions as well as lots of photos to show you exactly how to make it, will ensure your success! 🙂 It’s on sale for a limited time. Click the link below to find out all about it! 
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  1. You are RIDICULOUS. I love love love this light house. I love light houses… yes, you just found a path into my heart.

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