1 Hour Sketch Challenge

This LO is based on a sketch over at Creative Scrappers. It was a 1 Hour Sketch Challenge. The inchie is from a swap and the butterfly was a paper piecing I did for a swap. Didn’t end up using it for the swap, but I still liked it none the less. Isn’t that lace …

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Happy Birthday Creative Scrappers!

Creative Scrappers is having a Birthday Bash with two weeks worth of festivities! I love their events. Always gets me very motivated! This one is very different from my normal style, but I like it. I needed to get all the pics on one page. I see one of my tickets fell off… Wonder where …

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Rise to the Challenge, Week 3

OK, so I threw a {mild} tantrum last week over the critique of my LO. I guess the judges are afraid of another outburst from me, so they didn’t say much this time! LOL. I have become *that* student! Ooops! Anyhow, the rules this week were to make your photo the center of attention in …

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Rain On!

Rain is really something to celebrate here in South Texas! My hubby and kids had a great time playing in the rain in the middle of a long drought last summer. The challenge over at Daily Inspiration was to draw a line across a bingo card and do a page with the elements in your …

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Earth Day Blog Jump

Happy Earth Day! How about a Scrappy Blog Hop in honor of Earth Day? Here’s the challenge: Recylce something on your LO! Easy enough right? I used a piece of a cardboard box. I ripped some of it off to reveal the inside. Want some activities for your kids? Check out No Time For Flascards. …

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Monday Musings

I’ne been stuck in the house for 4 days with a sick family- uhg! Luckily, I have not caught the bug…yet. I have been able to sneak in a little scrapping thankfully! This is actually an old one. It was for a challennge on Daily Inspirations to journal in three different ways. I also included …

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More Zoo Pictures…

I feel like I have a never ending stream of zoo pictures. I mean, how many pages can one really have of the zoo? I think I need to stop even developing those pictures! The only reason I scrapped these was because I had this cute little swap tag (made by Tiffani I believe) and …

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Around the web…

I’d like to share a couple of amazing things i have found around the blog-o-sphere this week. Inking Idaho made these adorable Carousel Purses. OMG! Love them! She found the tutorial at Stamps, Paper, Scissors. Wouldn’t these be perfect for teacher gifts? Dawn, over at Dawn’s Stamping Thoughts, one of my very favorite SU blogs, …

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Rise to the Challenge, Week 2

I am participating in a challenge over at ASP called Rise to the Challenge. Each week a challenge is posted and you are to complete the challenge and submit your LO to be judged on 5 criteria, unknown to you. Each LO is given a score out of 50. Here are the rules for this …

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Color Challenge

Hi everybody. Its been a crazy, crazy week. Dealing with sick babies now. Sigh… Anyway, here are a couple of things I have that I can post. Today’s challenge at Daily Inspiration is to use warm colors. Here is my contribution: And, I also did these cute little clocks for my Time Swap:

Hybrid Challenge

Todays challenge over at Daily Challenge, is to incorporate a digi element (made by Day) on your traditional LO. You can download your own here. They are super cute! Here is my take: I also used a differnt version to make a swap item (Spring Journaling Tag.)

Rainbow Bright

Whats not more fun than a few noodles and some Elmers glue?? Not much! I found this activity on 5 Orange Potatos by way of The Crafty Crow. If you have never dyed noodles, its very simple. Pour some noodles into a gallon baggie. Add a few drops of food coloring and a little bit …

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The Wind Blew!

Its spring and that means lots of windy days! Spend some time doing a few activities that focus on the wind. My favorite book about wind is The Wind Blew, by Pat Hutchins. Another good one is called Feel the Wind by Arthur Burros.Gather a few items from around the house that can be easily …

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Who’s in your 5?

Recently on ASP, we were asked to share our five most favorite LOs. There have been many over time, but these are my five favorite LOs from the last year. Can’t really pinpoint why, but I just love them. A few were contest winners, so maybe thats why.

Belly Shot! For the last time!!

This was for a Daily Inspiration challenge calling for shades of blue. This horrible picture is of my belly at the end of my last pregnancy. Thank God thats over! I did a little paper weaving and then sewed over it with my sewing machine.

A “Handmade Embelishment”

Today’s challenge over at Daily Inspirations is to make a handmade embelishment for your layout. Here is my contribution. I also incorperated another challenge on this one. It was an add challenge from ASP. I was going to post the ad, but now I can’t find it! Boo!

Tie- Dye…like the old days!

We all remember the tie dyed stuff we had as a kid. And the first time we were involved in tie dying process. My first time was summer church camp, maybe Jr. High. I can’t say I love the look of tie dye so much that I actually want to wear it, but I do …

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Scrappy Blog Hop!

I am so very lucky to belong to a wonderful online scrapping board. I owe these ladies big time! If it were not for them, I am not sure how much scrapping I would ever get done! These ladies are the reason I started scraping again after a two year break! They are inspirational and …

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